Early 2011, Caroline Clarinval founded Evidensis to continue her engagement with humanitarian actors and philanthropists and to share her knowledge to improve the overall outcome of projects focusing on improving people’s well-being. Evidensis stands for providing advice based on thoroughly collected evidence and detailed analysis as opposed to listening to one’s ‘gut feeling’. Thus, to provide adequate advice, Evidensis grounds its recommendations on sound data applying qualitative and quantitative research methods and in depth analysis.

At Evidensis, we are confident in our multi-disciplinary experience that enables us to effectively research new unexplored solutions and are eager to join forces with others with different areas of expertise from our own. We work with a team of experts that have complementary backgrounds allowing us to combine our competencies and skills and to constitute a tailor-made team able to answer our client’s questions spot on. Working together gives us the opportunity to address changing circumstances that are characteristic of humanitarian work.

One more thing: Evidensis supports each decision with ethically pondered arguments to finally uncover what one ought to do. As such, we ponder what is right from what is wrong to recommend the optimal solution.

We value critical and creative reflection. We believe in the process of reasoning with the aim to identify the optimal recommendation. We balance our thoughts in the quest of the perfect equilibrium and invite you to be part of this process. In many ways the original idea stems from our clients. Our clients bear the ownership while Evidensis dedicates itself to assist them in optimizing their ideas.

Our core values are insight, dedication and care. We value ethical argumentation, because it allows us to distinguish what is right from what is wrong. Our drivers are the wish to improve human welfare and well-being. We nurture global open-mindedness; we enjoy working with and for all.

Our goal is to provide expert advisory services to humanitarian actors and philanthropists to help them optimize their approaches when supporting others. Dedicated to philanthropic efforts, humanitarian action and ethical analysis our work is geared to effectively and efficiently help people in need promoting the concepts of social and global justice.

  • We provide advice in the field of humanitarian action and philanthropy and this for each phase of the project cycle (i.e. assessment, program design, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation).
  • We assist our clients in deciding where they should intervene when and how and we do so based on a thorough situation analysis. But we offer more.
  • We provide an ethical reflection and justify each intervention or assess their shortfalls not only based on needs, but also on ethical grounds and look at promoting fairness, equity and equality.
  • We support our clients when confronted with ethical dilemmas, and assist them in deciding on the optimal way forward.

We are there to critically reflect and review strategies and interventions. But it is our clients that ultimately are the ones making the difference and contributing to improving people’s lives and their well-being.