We will be delighted to discuss with you your thoughts and concerns regarding humanitarian action, philanthropy or ethical quandries, just contact us.


Evidensis is dedicated to ethical analysis and uniquely incorporates ethics into its rationale and reflections. Further, we support our clients in making thoughtful choices offering a diversity of options of interventions.

Analyzing situations ethically allows our clients to enrich their projects with a dimension that helps their organization to stand out.

Allocating aid resources is morally as demanding as allocating any other scarce resource and Evidensis understands that each trade-off must be ethically justified, to ensure that all options are exhausted.

Members of our staff dedicated to bioethics look at how principles such as fairness, social and global justice can be promoted whilst providing aid. We believe that this is essential to foster equality and equity amongst all. We provide trainings in the field of bioethics ethical decision-making.