Our expertise lies in supporting philanthropists, humanitarian actors and policy makers in their decision-making process, project cycle management and in defining new policies and guidelines to improve the impact of aid programs.


At evidensis a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and engaged bioethicists, humanitarian aid workers, public health specialists and philosophers join their skills to support our clients improving the lives of others in need.


Today's world is an aggregate of a rich diversity and it is our duty to preserve the uniqueness of the world that surrounds us. Our services take this into consideration.

  • We provide advice in the field of humanitarian action and philanthropy and this for each phase of the project cycle (i.e. assessments, program design, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation).
  • We assist our clients in deciding where they should intervene when and how and we do so based on a thorough situation analysis.
  • We provide an ethical reflection and justify each intervention or assess their shortfalls not only based on needs, but also on ethical grounds and look at promoting fairness, equity and equality for example.
  • We support our clients when confronted with ethical dilemmas, and assist them in deciding on the optimal way forward.